To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.

-- Barbara Johnson

Don't let wonderful moments get lost with time.

Easily write and share stories of your kids, grandkids, extended family or yourself as you build your own family. Lugelo journals are detailed references of family histories. Journal everyday activities like school, hikes, funny moments, artwork, biking and many more.

Best of all, both parents can simultaneously add content to the journal stories from different devices.

Our digital journals are especially designed to keep all these memories save, accessible and alive for your future generations.

Convert your journal stories into print books, ebooks or print journal snippets on canvas.

Lugelo is specially built to save your detailed family moments, stories and memories as they happen. This is an excellent way to keep your family histories fully documented, complete, safe and alive.

Why Parents Love Lugelo?

Lugelo has helped millions of parents and close relatives write and share amazing family stories on a single platform.

Write at your own pace and effort - Daily, Weekly or monthly and in the end, it all builds to detailed journal stories.

Without involving social media, parents can privately document their parenting memories and share these memories and journal stories with close relatives and friends.

Collaborating with family on journal stories of common interest is a fun and engaging activity to keep conversations on amazing family moments alive.

Samantha John

Lugelo is a good way to keep my family connected. They can see my daughter growing up even if they don’t reside nearby.

Jerry Smith

A great platform for families to stay connected without using social media.

Intuitive Journal Sharing Features

Quick photo uploading

Easily upload of pictures to your journal. It saves your time as well as your device space.

Easy to share

You can easily share family journal stories with close relatives or just keep them private.

Access from anywhere

Whether on a laptop, desktop or mobile device and with the right credentials, you can access all your journals from anywhere. Those you should your wonderful journals with can be anywhere in the world.

Prompting conversation

Each journal and each moment can start a discussion using our integrated comments per moment encouraging conversations about shared memories.

All-in-One place

Lugelo allows journal writing, adding multimedia content and information from other applications, and facilitates sharing and collaboration on writing journals.

Sequential organization

Our app helps you organize you memories and moments to learn relations and see your moments order.