"Documenting little details of your everyday life becomes a celebration of who you are."-- Caroyin V. Hamilton

Journals & Storybooks

Create journal stories filled with related moments or memories. Save moments of birthdays, night out, reunions, weekend, hiking, holiday and more into separate journals.

Ready to use templates

Use our expertly created templates to get you started with your journal. Our writing prompts bring depth to your journal stories and memory lanes.

Convert journal in to eBook

Select an ebook theme from our growing theme library and generate an amazing ebook from your journal. Print or share the generated PDF.

Journals and Moments

Add Journals

You can create multiple journals for various events or memory lanes. Currently there is no limit on the number of private or public journals you can create.

Photos, Videos & Audio

Make your journals lively - For those moments that need to be seen, watched or even heard, easily add photos, videos and audios to your journals.


Using voice recognition, our app can speed up capturing your notes and moments. Through advanced technology, we generate text from your voice or others into moments for your journals.


Upload old documents or images and our our Scan-To-Text feature will scan for text in the image and then add it to your journal for you to edit or expand on the memory.

Collaborate and/or Share


Share your journals and ebooks with friends. This can be done privately or for the memories you want the world to know, make them public.

Collaborate with family

Writing together, tell and capture the old family moments, stories and more from everyone into a single journal and storybook complete with memories from everyone.

Collaborate with friends

Save moments from a holiday, concert, hiking, birthday, outing and more into a single journal with everyone's updates - Always fun to capture all the different perspectives.

Memory lanes

Go down memory lane with family or friends and gather all your high-school, college, etc or just memories about a loved one into a single journal and storybook.

Organize, Discover & Contribute

View options

View your memories as timelines with sorting options or generate an ebook/PDF. Stay tuned as we are adding new view options for your journals.


See your friends' shared journals or browse public journals for inspiration to see what others are writing about.

Simple search

Easily find journals & friends on the Lugelo platform using our search function. See what your friends are journaling or simply connect with them to share memories.


Contribute Private or public journals with contribute options allow you to add your opinion on the subject as a contributor to the journal.

Content Types

Simple Note

These are basic text entries to describe your memories or moments. Use our Speech-To-Text feature to easily add notes to you journal and speed up adding content.

Photos, Videos & Audio

Make the best Digital Scrapbooks and Journals. Add images, short videos and audio clips moments to your journals. Journals are no longer about just writing.

URLs - Web References

Add website links to your journals and Lugelo will get summary information from the link into your journal thereby enriching the moments and memories with more context.

Social Media: FB, IG, TW, WA and more

Share content directly into Lugelo journals from any Social Media apps, email, website and any mobile app that has a share option.

Your Journal


Only for shared or public journals, get notified when others Like your journal. You can also Like any moments and memories in privately shared and public journals.


Only for shared or public journals, get notified when others Comment on your journal. You can also Comment on any moments and memories in privately shared and public journals.


Add the perfect cover for your journal - each of your journals can have a distinct cover page reflecting your memories. Additionally, from the settings page, you can make default adjustments to you journals.

Download your data

It is and will always be your data. If desired, you can download all your data from Lugelo in accordance with GDPR and other stipulated regulatory user privacy requirements.