Add & Share

Add Journals

Create journals filled with related memories. Journals could be of birthdays, holidays, work... you name it.

Capture Moments

Save every memory you have swiftly and with ease within a journal of your choosing.

Photos, Videos & Audios

For those moments that need to be seen, watched or even heard, easily add photos, videos and audios. Choose how you would like these displayed in your journal too.


Import any memories easily into Lugelo from other services such a Facebook & Twitter to complete your journal. More services to come.

Share & Collaborate

Share your moments with loved ones privately or with the world. Get friends to collaborate on a journal of your moments.


Create a blog that you can share with the world. Experience even more freedom while adding memories that everyone needs to know.

Organise, Edit & Discover

Journal View Options

View your memories in chronological order as a timeline, as an Ebook. We are constantly adding different view options.


See journals your friends and other users have created and shared with you or the world as soon as you sign in.

Simple Search

Easily find journals & friends using our search. While sharing to your friends, easily find them with our autocomplete feature.

Content Types

Note Moments

These are text-based moments. They are the easiest moments to add. Describe moments in your journal through writing. You can also format your text using our editor.

Photos, Videos & Audio Moments

Memories that are captured and added into a journal as photos. These liven up your journals. You can add text to describe any photos/videos or audios of yours.

Imported Moments

Users can also import Facebook & Twitter posts as memories. These can be text, photos, videos or audios


Journals are a collection of memories. A user can have as many journals as they would like. Journals can be private or publicly accessible. A user can also share a journal privately to friends.


A blog is a special kind of journal, with a unique layout. Blogs are inherently publicly accessible. A user can have up to one blog for now.


An Event is a special kind of journal that can only currently be created on the Lugelo mobile apps. Events help a user to automatically add multiple moments to a journal.

Other Features


From your settings page, tailor your own experience. Change your language, choose a personal Lugelo link you can share with friends. You can even choose whether to sign in with a phone number.


Comment on & Like any memories of your friends. See the amount of engagement on a post.

Download your Data

All your data on Lugelo can easily be downloaded from your account at the click of a button.