1. What is Lugelo?

Lugelo is a web and mobile application platform to create amazing journals of your life and events.

You collect information for your journals from various sources as well as collaborate with friends and public to write amazing journals.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." --Maya Angelou

2. Who can access my journals?

By DEFAULT, all journals you create are PRIVATE and cannot be accessed by others.

Friends : You can share specific journals with your friends. Only your friends will be able to read and comment on your journals. Your friends will be able to recommend your journal to others although you will have the final approval of who views your journals.

Public: You can also share selected journals with the public. Note, if you share a journal with the public then every user on Lugelo will be able to read and recommend your journal to others.

Public Journals - You need to add at least 2 Moments to a journal before it can be auto listed on the public tab.

Sharing with Friends - You can share an empty journal with friends as a way to build content together. If the journal is also public, it will not be listed in the public tab until you or your friends have added at least 2 moments to it.

Note, Lugelo reserves the right to remove any public journal from being listed if it does not meet the Terms of Service, Privacy, General Rules and Content Rules stipulated in the respective links at the bottom of this page.

3. What is a journal, journalbook, moment and timeline?

Moment: An activity in your life captured via notes, quotes, audio, images, video, social media, etc. That help tell the journal of your life or event.

Journal and Journalbook: A collection of related moments from various sources (notes, SMS, email, images, videos, audios, social media, uploads, etc.)

My Timeline: A representation of all your moments in all your journals and journalbooks displayed along a line in sequential order. Lugelo provides a platform for individuals to collect moments of a given journal or journalbook into a single timeline.

4. Can I share my journal with the public?

You can share individual journals with the public.

Note, you can share with the public as read-only or allow the public to contribute moments to your journal as well as make comments.

Public Journals - You need to add at least 2 Moments to a journal before it can be auto listed on the public tab.

5. How do you Create a Journal?

Clicking the create [+] Journal button from any screen.

In the popup window, give your journal a title and select an image that most represents the essence of your journal.

Upon saving using the save button, your journal is created and you can subsequently proceed to adding moments to it.

6. How do I get a Lugelo user account?

All Lugelo user accounts are Free!

4-Ways to create an account on Lugelo:

- Continue with Facebook


- Continue with Google


- Continue with Apple


Lugelo does not charge for user accounts to create journals and share with your friends and public.

7. What information can I put in my journalbooks?

You can add the following content to your journal:

- Text Notes and Quotes,

- Images / Pictures,

- Video Clips,

- Audio Clips

- Social media posts from Facebook, Twitter and Google+

See Our User-Content-Generated Terms:

- http://www.Lugelo.Com/usage-terms

8. How does privacy work? Is my data safe?

Link to our Privacy Policy.

- http://www.Lugelo.Com/privacy/

9. Request contribution rights to a journal?

You can request Contribute Rights for journals shared by friends or other public journals. Note, You cannot request contribute rights to featured journals.

For Both Public and Friends

- Click on the blue [+] sign to request contribute rights to a journal.

- If the rights are granted, the [+] will change to gray (+)

*** Only the Original Author of the journal can grant contribute rights to a journal.

10. How do I Delete a Moment?

On Web, iOS and Android:

- Navigate to the moment you want to delete.

- Select the edit pencil (button).

- This will open the edit pop-up window.

- Click the delete button to the bottom left of the pop-up window.

*** This action cannot be undone.

11. How do you delete an account?

This is a feature that can only be done on the website

To delete your account:

- Open up a web browser and navigate to the Lugelo website

- Login to the account you would like to delete

- Navigate to the My Accounts page by clicking the profile icon on the navigation bar

- Select "Delete Account" and confirm from the popup

- You'll be sent an email or SMS with a code to verify that this is indeed your account

- Enter this code into the popup that appears on the website and confirm to continue

- After confirmation, your account will be deactivated for a period of 30 days. You will be able to recover your account within this period should you decide to sign up

- After 30 days, all your data will be completely deleted from the Lugelo servers automatically.

12. What is a Team?

A Team in Lugelo is a set of Lugelo user accounts (Sub accounts) that are linked to and managed by a Parent Lugelo user account.

You can create a team for children (under the age of 18) or one for adults.

When you activate the Team feature and select the Child team type you can create child Lugelo user accounts that have access to a set of limited Lugelo features appropriate for children. See section below for restrictions that apply.

When you activate the Team feature and select the Adult team type, you can invite adult users to access and collaborate with you on an exclusive set of Journals.

Why should I use Teams?

Child teams are useful in cases where you need full control over the features and content in Lugelo that child accounts (Team members) can access. This is similar in principle to the Parental controls on TVs etc.

Some examples of when the Team feature might be useful include:

  • A Teacher can create sub accounts for their students so as to easily track, evaluate and monitor students course work via Journals.
  • A summer camp instructor can create sub accounts for camp attendees so that they can easily capture and record their camping experiences via Journals

Some examples of when Adult teams are useful include:

  • A Teacher can import their adult students emails and add them to the team so they monitor, evaluate, guide and grade students course work via Journals
  • Multiple authors working on some content can collaborate using the Team as a shared workspace.

How do I create a Team (sub accounts)?

  • In Settings in the Lugelo web or mobile apps, go to the Teams tab and enable the Teams feature.
  • Select the type of team, Child or Adult, check the confirmation and click Confirm.
  • Click Visit the team page to go to the Team page.
  • On the Team page, click/tap the Add Member or Import Members button
  • If you clicked Import Members then
    • Select a file to upload that matches the Sample format shown
    • You can download a sample file to see the expected format as well.
  • If you clicked Add Member then:
    • For Child Team, Enter the Full Name, UserName, Password and select or add a Group.
    • For Adult Team, Search for members to the Team
  • For Child Teams, you will receive the login credentials for the sub accounts via email or sms. The person for whom you have created the sub account will need those credentials
  • Repeat steps 4 to 6 above to add more members to the Team.

How do I manage a Team?

  • Under the My Teams tab on the Homepage you can view all sub accounts, team journals and settings. You can filter out sub accounts belonging to specific Teams using the provided filters.
  • For Child sub-accounts, click on the icon in the top right of each card to Edit basic details about the sub account, Delete the sub account and Reset the password of the sub account.
  • For Adult sub-accounts, click on the icon in the top right of each card to Edit permissions assigned to the sub account or Delete the sub account.

What restrictions are applied to Team sub accounts?

  • They cannot share Journals to Lugelo members who are not part of their Team
  • They cannot view Public Journals
  • They cannot search and view Profiles or Journals of Lugelo members not part of the Team
  • Their Journals and Profiles will not show up in search results of Lugelo members who are not part of their Team
  • They cannot change permissions on Journals
  • They cannot change their login credentials. Only the Team creator can change the login credentials
  • They cannot create a Team

13. Tell us what you think?

We would love to hear from you!

Let us know what you think about Lugelo and how we can make it better.